This Is Your Biggest Relationship Flaw, According To Astrology

Having flaws doesn’t make you unworthy of having a relationship – it makes you human. And understanding your flaws can give you a leg up when it comes to making your relationship last.

None of us are perfect – yes, including you. Everyone has flaws but that doesn’t necessarily need to be a bad thing. In fact, knowing your flaws and being aware of when and how they are triggered is a great gift for you and your relationships. They can teach you valuable lessons about yourself and how you show up in connection with others. It’s helpful to have greater insight on your natural not-so-good reflexes so you rein them in when needed. Having flaws doesn’t make you unworthy of having a relationship – it makes you human. Understanding your flaws can give you a leg up when it comes to facing them head on and doing better within your relationship – and astrology can help you with this. Astrology is a great tool to use when we need a closer look at who we are and what makes us tick. 

Knowing your flaws and being aware of when and how they are triggered is a great gift for you and your relationships.

Below, astrologer Olivia DeGennaro, a.k.a. The Spiritual Journalist, reveals your biggest relationship flaw according to your zodiac sign — and shares her tips on how to make them work for you. 


“As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is always looking out for #1. This can make them a bit selfish in relationships. They can be too headstrong or passionate about their own desires, leaving little room for their partner’s.” 

How to make it work: Aries can work with the more positive qualities of their sign, like their loyalty and passion. Additionally, remembering their partner’s needs and slowing down to make time to meet them can bring balance to an Aries relationship.


“Tauruses are known for their bullish demeanor. They can be stubborn in relationships and stand their ground at all costs. Once they set their mind to something, it’s difficult for Taurus to see another perspective.” 

How to make it work: Taurus can lean into their positive, grounded nature to think about the comfort of others in tense situations. “Keeping an open mind and understanding the experience of another person can help Taurus find peace in relationships,” says DeGennaro.


“Geminis are known for being multi-passionate intellectuals. Their shape-shifting nature makes them easily bored, always seeking to expand their mind and experience new things. This can give Geminis a wandering eye.”

How to make it work: Instead of fixating on a shiny new object of your affection, try creating a new experience with your current boo. Or better yet, says DeGennaro, make it an all-out role-play situation so it feels like you are dating someone new... even just for the night.


“It’s hard to imagine the most nurturing sign of the zodiac would have a relationship flaw, but as emotionally comforting as Cancers can be, they can also be a bit moody,” says DeGennaro. “If Cancer feels uncomfortable, they often lose their ability to make others feel safe too. Riding on their emotional rollercoaster can be challenging for partners.” 

How to make it work: Once you take responsibility for the influence your mood has over others and step into a leadership mentality then your natural caring vibe will be able to shine brighter.


“Leos are loud and proud when it comes to their love life. They usually have no problem hyping their partners up and shouting their worth. But Leos can be blinded by their own ego or unable to see their own flaws in relationships. They can be so focused on everyone else’s perception of them that they lose sight of their true selves.”

How to make it work:  The saving grace for the lion, says DeGennaro, is the ability to lean into their expansive heart space and “remember the abundance of love they have to give.”


“While Virgos perfectionistic tendencies help them excel in many areas of life, their attention to detail can get the best of them in relationships. Being overly critical and harsh can be an easy trap to fall into for the sign of the Virgin, especially if they want things done ‘their way.’” 

How to make it work: It’s important for Virgos to remember they were born under the sign of service, says DeGennaro. “Focusing on how they can help others without telling them exactly what to do can create a mindset shift for these overly analytical people.”


“Relationships come naturally to Libra, making them diplomatic lovers and friends. They often think about the needs of others. But putting too much of their focus on others can lead them to people pleasing or codependency — especially since they are known for being indecisive, as well.”

How to make it work: The key to finding balance in relationships for Libras is to make sure they’re focusing on their own needs as much as (or more) than their partner’s.


“Scorpios are the most intense sign of the zodiac. They definitely aren’t afraid to go there. This can make for deep conversations or heated arguments if Scorpio feels the need to make a point,” says DeGennaro. “They truly aren’t afraid to show their own shadows and expose others in the process — not exactly the warm and fuzzy vibes many are looking for in partnerships.”

How to make it work: But, as DeGennaro points out, Scorpio’s darkness is also their superpower. “If they can channel their intensity between the sheets, Scorpio might be able to avoid some of the drama outside of the bedroom.”


“The sign of the archer is known for its need for freedom and expansion, often making Sagittarius feel limited by commitment. They are also the most spontaneous sign of the zodiac, always open to new adventure. This isn’t exactly ideal for long-term relationships.”

How to make it work: What works best, says DeGennaro, is if Sag can find a partner who is willing to explore new territory with them, they can stay interested and engaged more easily, “They just might have to be willing to lead the way.”


“Capricorn is known as the father of the zodiac, giving this sign an authoritative, responsible nature. They are known for being cold and serious, which could be a turn-off for potential partners.”

How to make it work: Being parental-like also means Caps are very protective, and always looking out for their loved ones. “If they can learn to soften their hearts a bit and learn to be present in the moment, they can create a safe space for their partner,” says DeGennaro.


“The Water Bearer can be a bit detached and distant, marching to the beat of their own drum. In relationships, they might feel the need to disappear and take some space more often than most partners are comfortable with.”

How to make it work: If Aquarius can communicate their own needs and create boundaries to let their partner know why they need some time on their own, they can avoid a lot of drama and guessing games. “They will thrive in relationships that give them space to feel free as themselves, while also creating a sense of belonging and understanding,” says DeGennaro.


“Sweet, sweet Pisces... these gentle beings are so aware of other peoples’ energy, they can often take it on as their own. Having compassion and empathy are Pisces’ superpowers, but feeling too much can turn them into a giant puddle of everyone else’s emotions.”

How to make it work: According to DeGennaro, taking time to rest and come back to their own emotional baseline can help Pisces show up for loved ones with stronger energetic boundaries. “It’s important for Pisces to find partners who will hold space for them to process emotions as much as they do for others,” she says.